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Residents thwarted efforts to douse excavator fire at Ntobronso – GAF


Feb 25, 2022 ,

Brigadier General Joseph Aduko Aphour, the General Officer Commanding the Ghana Armed Forces’ Central Command, stated the military’s anti-Galamsey operation was effective save for the burning of two excavators, which spread to an illegal miner’s neighboring dwelling.

Four excavators parked outside a private property of a man suspected of being a small-scale miner were set ablaze by armed military men who were part of the anti-galamsey task group.

On Wednesday, February 23, 2022, at Ntobronso, a community in the Nkawie District of the Ashanti Region, an incident occurred.

The fire extended to a miner’s private apartment, damaging thousands of Ghana cedis worth of property.

The Central Commander, however, speaking to the media about the incident, said that the Military attempted to control the fire by calling in the Fire Service, but that this was hindered by the citizens who were throwing stones at his men.

“I must emphasize that the operation was a success, however a tragic occurrence occurred during the activities.” Around 07:30 a.m., a member of our team stationed in Ntobronso, Nkawie District, spotted four excavators that had been used to wreak havoc on the River Offin.

“These excavators were brought and positioned near the hamlet, close to the river.” Two of the excavators caught fire. “However, a nearby building that was being utilized by illegal miners had fuel storage to feed fuel for the excavators caught fire,” he explained.

The goal of the drill, according to Brig. Gen. Aphour, is to stop illicit mining activities in the region’s red zones, where they have had some success.

“As Ghanaians, we are all aware of the damage that illegal mining is wreaking on our country. The Command’s primary goal is to guarantee that operations meet their objectives. Which protects water sources and forest reserves from the indiscriminate harm perpetrated by illegal miners,” he said.

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