• Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Abandoning fasting and prayers for sex is not a sin – Pastor Daniel Y.Donkor

A well-known union Reverend D.Y Donkor, a counselor, motivational speaker, and philanthropist, has disclosed that foregoing planned fasting and prayers in order to have sex with your lover is not a sin.

He emphasized that any husband or wife who denies partner sex is doing one of the most serious crimes, and that ostensible fasting and prayers should not be a hindrance.

He claimed on Okay Fm in Accra that individuals who regard sex as a sin and wish to be done before pleasing their spouses are doing the worst sin on the planet.

“On this planet, there is no bigger sin than denying your partner sex.” The Royal Believers Ministry’s Head Pastor reacted to a query from Broadcast Journalist Abeiku Santana on whether it is appropriate for someone to have sex while fasting.

Meanwhile, Muslims, particularly those who are not married, have been advised to put their uncontrolled sexual appetites on hold during the month of Ramadan.

Instead of living hedonistic lifestyles, they have been asked to show generosity and charity to the least fortunate in society as they seek Allah’s forgiveness throughout the fasting month.

However, Usman Seidu, Deputy Secretary of the National Chief Imam’s Office, pointed out that only legally married couples are permitted to have sex, but that this can be done after both have broken their fast.

“Because fasting is a way of worshiping God, it’s critical to see everything as sacred and refrain from sinful behaviors.” Every Muslim is required to fast because we fast by decision, not by happenstance. We must go above and beyond at this time.

“It is permissible to have sex with your wife after you break your fast, but it is not permissible to have sex throughout the fast, especially between married couples.” “You can’t make love if you’re fasting,” he advised.

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