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Bees sting a one-year-old child to death in a church in the central region.


Feb 28, 2022 ,

A one-year-old baby has died after a swarm of bees attacked the Seventh-Day Adventist Church at Wasa Atieku near Assin Fosu in the Central Region’s Assin Fosu Municipality while the church service was in progress.

The tragic occurrence occurred during Church Services on Saturday, February 26, 2022.

Pastor Francis Ofori, the Church’s leader, claims that some children from the Ateiku community used a catapult to kill the bees and then fled the area.

To retaliate for the attack, the enraged scattered bees entered the Church’s children’s auditorium, which is very close to the scene.

According to the information acquired, when the children saw bees, they raced into the adult theater and began running helter-skelter.

The deceased baby, who was unable to flee for her life, became a victim and the lone human attacked by the bees.

After the incident, the baby was taken to the Wasa Ateiku clinic for treatment, but she died just a few minutes later.

They all hurried from the Church room, leaving behind the baby, her only child, who was not with her at the time the bees invaded the Church room, according to the mother of the deceased, who only provided her name as Madam Francisca.

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