• Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

Adwoa Safo saga: Govt lavished GHS1,068,500 just for one vote – Okudzeto alleges

Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, a Member of Parliament for North Tongu, has revealed the exact specifics of the trip that allegedly took Sarah Adwoa Safo, the MP for Dome-Kwabenya, back into the country in late 2021 to vote on the disputed E-Levy.

Having made a name for himself in recent years by disclosing the details of private jet flights involving the president, the MP has now stated that it is surprising that the focus in the case of the embattled Dome-Kwabenya MP has been on an alleged GHC120,000 paid to her as a ‘bribe’ to return to work.

He claimed that there is a bigger fish to catch, referring to the MP’s costs as well as the type of aircraft chartered to transport her back home.

“It’s surprising that the purported GHS120,000.00 transfer into Adwoa Asafo’s bank account from the Chief of Staff has been the focus of many, including Civil Society Organizations, in the sequence of Adwoa Asafo exposes.

“The expense of the private plane she used to go from the United States to Ghana, which was significantly more than the GHS120,000.00, cannot be overlooked.”

“We now know that the executive jet chartered to bring in Hon. Adwoa Safo for her vote on the odious E-Levy was a Gulfstream G-550 registered HB-JOE and operated by Premium Jet AG based in Belgium,” he said on his Facebook page.

According to Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, Sarah Adwoa Safo was not only treated with such opulence, but the state also had to pay a whopping US$4,800 per hour.

“The HB-JOE rented for $4,800 per hour.

“It cost a startling US$140,000.00 due to an 11-hour flight distance, payment of reposition costs (as it flew from Belgium to pick her up in the States), payment of one-way fees (as the business jet flies back empty), crew per diem fees, landing and wait-time fees, and crew per diem expenses.” “That’s GHS948,500.00 at today’s currency rate,” he continued.

He also voiced considerable concern over reports that the country is broke, and that the contentious Electronic Transactions Levy (E-Levy) is being aggressively promoted as a means of generating cash to run the economy.

With other difficulties such as the unresolved, underpaid allowances of some members of the Nation Builders’ Corps (NABCO), among others, the government chooses to emphasize the vote of a single ‘AWOL’ MP, according to the North Tongu MP.

“It’s fascinating that a supposedly bankrupt economy can squander GHS948,500.00 plus GHS120,000.00 (a total of GHS1,068,500.00) just for one E-Levy vote.” Imagine what our country could accomplish with a million Cedis in the midst of our economic difficulties, NABCO protests, and labor unrest.

“It’s very offensive to say that Adwoa Sarfo’s flight was paid for by her pals. Who are these acquaintances? What is their driving force? Why are these pals so adamant about getting the unpopular E-Levy passed? What do these pals hope to get in return? What are these buddies’ tax records? What’s the deal with these buddies being shielded?

As a result, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa has asked the Office of the Special Prosecutor to investigate the situation, urging for the government to engage in more patriotic dealings in the future.

“Not only the GHS120,000.00 deposited in Adwoa Safo’s account, but the entire GHS1,068,500.00 cost for Adwoa Safo’s E-Vote must be investigated by the Office of Special Prosecutor.”

“The current composition of Ghana’s 8th Parliament should lead us to a patriotic, mature, and frugal path of consensus building in the national interest,” he wrote, “rather than the current embarrassing specter of opting for an extremely partisan, destructive, wasteful, small-minded, and reckless road to perdition.”

Read the full details of his post below:

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