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Delay loves Amerado’s craft; Is that the only thing she loves?


Mar 1, 2022 ,

Amerado, a Ghanaian rapper, has finally spoken up about his relationship with Deloris Frimpong Manso, a Ghanaian businesswoman and media tycoon. He refers to her as a “passionate follower of his art” and more.

Amerado discussed the rumored friendship between Delay and himself in an interview with content creator Kwadwo Sheldon. However, Amerdo was hesitant to spill the beans because he appreciated the attention and push from his admirers.
The focus is on his attraction to older ladies, which prompted him to divulge his plans to Delay on her show. “I’ve never been with a woman who is my age or older. Sugar mummies aren’t allowed. At the very least, someone a year or more my senior. And that’s my personal preference.”

But, while openly expressing his love for the self-made entrepreneur idol, Amerado was keen to deny rumors.

“The truth is, Delay is a nice person who respects me. ‘This is a terrific brand that I can help market,’ she thought after my interview with her. So that’s how we’ve been. It’s not what you believe, but I can’t control what others believe. She likes my craft, just like Sheldon does, and Micheal Okraku will push me.
The truth is that following my appearance on her show, she liked me. So, regardless of what Ghanaians believe, I’m not going to employ distractions because I’m enjoying what’s going on.”

Amerado also discussed the magic he created on the ‘Metua’ track with Kuami Eugene. “I’d like to express my gratitude to Kuami Eugene for volunteering for this,” he remarked. Kuame, thank you so much.”

Amerado’s first work of the year is ‘Metua.’

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