• Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

I can still vote in Parliament when acting as Speaker – Joe Wise insists

When functioning as Speaker, Joseph Osei-Owusu, First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, has stated that he retains his right to vote in Parliament.

Nothing, he claims, should prevent him from taking a break during voting in the Chamber, de-robeing, and exercising his right to vote on behalf of his constituents.

When acting as Speaker, Joe Wise sought to vote on the E-Levy, which resulted in violence in Parliament on Monday, December 20, 2021.

The event caused the hearings to be adjourned, effectively ending any attempt to pass the Electronic Transaction (E-Levy) Bill.

However, in an interview with Joy News’ PM Express on Monday, February 28, Osei-Owusu said that the post he assumed on December 20, 2021, had been misrepresented.

“It is evident that you do not retain your original vote while on the seat,” he explained. After the Second Deputy Speaker had voted, I urged him to assume the chair so that I may de-robe, leave the chair, and vote. In reality, I was not present when all of this occurred since I had left the Chamber; but, I did view a video of it. I had gone to de-robe and was about to exit when I spotted the Second Deputy Speaker, who informed me that the Chamber was in pandemonium and violence…

“The issue is that when I stepped down from the chair, the Minority members attempted to block the Second Deputy Speaker from taking over and continuing the proceedings.” So, my argument was not to vote from the chair, but rather to leave the chair as and when required; if I’m presiding, or if the Second Deputy Speaker is presiding, he can leave the chair and change over so that he can also vote.

When the host of the show points out that his viewpoint is in violation of Order 113 of the Standing Orders.

Joe Wise noted that under Order 113, even members who were not in Parliament and did not hear the question addressed to them are eligible to vote.

“How about myself?” I’m a member, I heard the question, and because I presided, I didn’t vote, but my right to vote isn’t taken away when it comes to the headcount… “Once I leave the seat, I become a member of the House,” Joe Osei-Owusu said.

His position, he believes, does not produce any absurdity.

Speaker Alban Bagbin excused Joe Wise from voting on the headcount while presiding over the budget debate in 2021, according to Joe Wise.

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