• Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

John Mahama is the ‘Messiah’ to save Ghana – Joseph Yamin

Former Deputy Minister for Youth Sports and Culture, Joseph Yamin, has stated that ex-President John Dramani Mahama is the only person capable of rescuing Ghanaians from their current economic difficulties.

According to Yamin, the former president demonstrated his ability by successfully running the country while in office.

Ghanaians are now aware that he is the superior alternative, he added.

“Given the current status of the country, if you need a savior, who else can it be if not John Mahama?” Given the level to which Nana Addo has desecrated this country, John Mahama is the man to bring it back.

“If we need economic emancipation, if we need an economic messiah, a person who can turn things around, a person who will build schools for contractors to get jobs and students to get spaces in their classrooms, a person who will construct more hospitals to create employment for health professionals, a person who will construct roads and not collapse business, it is one person, John Mahama,” he said.

Joseph Yamin also predicted that John Mahama will easily win the National Democratic Congress (NDC) primaries because most NDC supporters believe he is the only one who can save the country.

Meanwhile, former Finance Minister Prof. Kwesi Botchwey, speaking at an Independence Day Lecture in Accra, claimed Ghana is in an economic crisis.

Prof Botchwey believes that the government has failed Ghanaians because of the current economic problems.

“The government is failing to obtain funds locally and is falling behind on a number of programs, including roads, school feeding, LEAP, and even pay… The currency bureau exchange rate is approaching GH8 to the dollar. Fuel prices have surpassed the GH8 per litre mark at filling stations. “Inflation is back in double digits, approaching 15%,” he continued.

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