• Fri. Jun 24th, 2022

Shocking revelation: Bullion van police officer was killed because he identified one of the robbers

An audio recording of an unidentified guy thought to be with the Ghana Police Service providing an account of robbery attacks on bullion vans around the country has leaked on social media.

Constable Emmanuel Osei, who was on duty protecting a Bullion van in James Town, Accra, was shot in the head by unknown attackers a few months ago.

Following his death, various people demanded that the Ghana Police Service protect the safety of police officers assigned to give security escort to Bullion vehicles.

Months later, there has been little or no news concerning the incident that resulted in the death of the police officer and a woman named Janet who was struck by a stray gunshot.

Well, an audio recording that has gone viral on social media has revealed some alarming details regarding the crime and other robberies across the country.

The people responsible for the assassination of Constable Emmanuel Osei, according to the man on the tape, are his friends who are also police officers and are on the job.

In his account, he stated that around eight police officers had been arrested for their roles in the crime, all of them were from the same police station.

He went on to say that they were also involved for a failed heist at another site.

The narrator went on to say that when one of them sensed danger, he ran back to Accra Jamestown for safety, but he was later identified as one of the robbers who attacked the van that day by some locals.

They raised an alert, not realizing he was a cop, and he was arrested. He was taken to the Striking Force Unit and allegedly tortured for two days before admitting his involvement.

According to him, the suspect admitted to shooting Constable Emmanuel Osei in the head after he was identified and his name was revealed.

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