• Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

E-levy is a waste – Ghanaians descend on Chief of Staff for sponsoring Afia Schawrzennegar’s father’s funeral

After the Chief of Staff, Madam Frema Opare, donated GH50,000 cedis and flew in the coffin used to bury Afia Schwarzenegger’s father, Ghanaians are angry about what they believe to be mismanagement of state monies.

Afia Schwarzenegger highlighted the names of key contributors who contributed significantly to her father’s burial in a series of Instagram posts. In one of the recordings, Afia praises the President’s Chief of Staff for her significant financial and in-kind contributions.

“A caring mother who takes care of her children. The most powerful of all mothers. What would I have done if I hadn’t encountered you on this planet? The enemy would have ripped me to shreds by now. I thank you, Frema Opare, for being my mother. If it weren’t for you, my father’s casket would never have made it to Ghana. God’s blessings on you. A woman gave me GH50,000. Use this to prepare for the funeral. May God grant you a long and healthy life. Everyone says that because of what I did to my father, God would bless me. That blessing is divided in half, and I add my part to yours. In the video, Afia is heard saying, “May God bless your children.”

People have accused the civil official of misusing state funds after learning of this information in the public domain. The majority of Ghanaians have linked the problematic e-levy to what they perceive is someone in charge of state operations misusing money.

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