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Ho residents living in fear following recent killings


Mar 14, 2022 ,

Residents of Ho, in the Volta Region, claim they are living in dread as a result of recent killings in the community.

Last Monday, an unnamed person was discovered dead under a bridge near the Ho Municipality’s University of Health and Allied Sciences, wrapped in black polythene and bound with sellotape.

On Thursday, a guy in his late 40s was found dead outside the GETFund housing of the Ho Technical University in a similar event.

Despite the fact that the police have yet to ascertain the cause of the fatalities, Sefadzi Agama, the Assembly Member for the Bosontoe Electoral Area, told the media that his party is working closely with the police to locate the perpetrators.

“They had previously documented robbery incidents. The Technical University, UHAS, as well as private homes in the area, had been attacked. Attacks are frequently carried out at night. People are terrified, especially if they have to move around at night.”

“With the recent killings, we’ve submitted the relevant details we have to the police, and I’m in close communication with them to figure out what happened.”

He also requested that security services increase their efforts to ensure the citizens’ safety.

“If security is increased in the neighborhood, and we have police officers patrolling the area at least three times a week, these crooks will be deterred.”

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