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NABCo personnel threaten another demo over unpaid allowances


Mar 21, 2022 ,

Should their meeting with the government fail to achieve favorable outcomes, beneficiaries of the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) are organizing a demonstration.

The group had protested the non-payment of their six-month allowances in February, prompting the payment of two months’ worth of back pay.

However, they are now requesting that the government cover the remaining four months.

Nana Barimah, the Patron of the Coalition of NABCO Beneficiaries, told Citi News that the coalition will meet with the government to discuss the problem.

He stated that the board was sticking to the government’s promises on the case.

“After we finished the contract, the government guaranteed NABCo trainees that our finances were secure, so we’re not concerned about the government going bankrupt or not going bankrupt.” Mr. Barimah stated, “We are solely relying on the government’s testimony and assurances that our monies are safe.”

He went on to say that the trainees will continue to talk before deciding on their second demonstration of the year.

“In the coming week, we will petition the government to determine when they will be compensated.” We’ll try to conduct another demonstration if we don’t hear anything compelling.”

The NABCo secretariat admitted to having difficulties with those who had not received their allowances for several months in November 2021, and stated it had prioritized payment of such allowances to those who were owed around two months allowance.

It did, however, guarantee that all trainees would be paid and that the funds would be reflected in the recipients’ accounts as quickly as possible.

Although the program ended in October 2021, trainees were asked to stay on.

During the announcement of the 2022 budget, the government stated that the remaining NABCO trainees would be gradually absorbed by the YouStart program and a Digital inclusion program.

The Akufo-Addo administration launched NABCo in 2017 as part of a job-creation strategy.

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