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Accept E-levy or pay it in other ways – Adei tells Ghanaians


Mar 24, 2022 , ,

Professor Stephen Adei, a former Rector of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), has stated that Ghanaians must embrace the E-levy in order for the government to raise the necessary income to fix the country’s current challenges.

If Ghanaians refuse to accept the E-levy, he claims they would pay it in other ways.

Prof Adei remarked this in response to the President’s decision to reduce the wages of his appointees by up to 30%, as well as the Council of State members’ allowances by 20% till the end of the year.

“Two weeks ago, I said that the administration and parliament should lower their emoluments by 25%,” he told journalists on the occasion of a special convocation to award honorary doctorate degrees on four outstanding Ghanaians at GIMPA on Wednesday March 23. Let us get this right; even if they do, it is a modest sum, and it will not save us from this crisis, but it will set a good example of leadership.

“You’re putting out the message that we’re in trouble, that people are hurting, and that we want to suffer alongside you.” So that, hopefully, we will all be out in a year or a year and a half.

“So don’t assume that by cutting these salaries, the situation will be fixed completely, since we’re talking about a half-billion dollars when we need billions.”

“I expect [the President] to find ways of cutting expenditure, increasing revenue, cutting the size of government,” the former Board Chair of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) added.

“I believe that, despite your opposition, we should go through with the E-levy since it is a tax that we urgently require to salvage Ghana from its current predicament.” The reason for this is because there are very few options for raising money in the short term. If you and I do not support the administration now, we will pay the price afterwards — declining Cedis and rising inflation. People don’t aware that if they say they’re not going to pay the E-levy, they’re actually paying it.

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