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Not a dime should be taken from my salary – Murtala Mohammed on MPs pay cut


Mar 24, 2022 ,

Ibrahim Murtala Mohammed, a Member of Parliament (MP) representing Tamale Central, has stated that he will not accept a pay decrease.

According to him, the best thing the government can do in these difficult circumstances is shrink the government and cut spending.

He claims that there are some people in government positions who accomplish little yet get paid large sums of money at the end of the month.

“Well, I think my good friend Kojo Oppong Nkrumah should give us a break; no one is deducting a penny from my pay.” What we’re asking this government to do is shrink the government’s size. How much will the percentage reduction by the Council of State and even Members of Parliament assist to saving the mess we’re in? (MPs)

“The young men who are recruited at the flagstaff house are given laptops, they sit behind the laptops and monitor social media, they see those who are actually opposing this regime and they launch a blistering attack on those people, and they are paid 15,000 Ghana cedis.” We have MCEs who were terminated for non-performance and are now consultants to the Minister of Local Government, as well as a variety of other people.

We are advising the government to lower its size and limit its spending on non-essential items in the country. If the government seeks assistance, it must first establish that it requires assistance. Even we, as MPs and members of the NPP, spend our wages in our districts.

We were awarded a quarter of our MPs Common Fund for the entire year of 2021. In fact, none of the MMDCEs ever had a fifth of what they had in 2020 arrears. As a result, if I am a Member of Parliament, the funds needed to complete certain basic projects in my constituency will not be forthcoming. You are so indebted by the time your salary are paid because you would have used the money to take care of some vital things in your constituency,” he explained.

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