• Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

“I’m a Muslim, I will never allow my children to marry a Christian” – Kalsoume Sinare vows 

Kalsoume Sinare, a veteran actress, has stated that she will be glad if her sons marry Muslim girls, but that if they bring home Christian girls for her approval, she will pray that the ladies convert to Islam.

“I have two grown sons, so it’s difficult.” They’re Muslims, and they pray, and I always pray to God that they’ll bring me a Muslim female to accept, because if it’s a Christian girl…” “I will hope that the girl becomes a Muslim,” she said after a brief pause.

“Because I don’t want to be gone, and I don’t want to see my grandchildren praying for me alongside my grave.” Because, as Muslims, prayers are what the dead consume, I’ll pray one day that if I’m not alive, my children would just follow what I left behind,” she told blogger Zionfelix.

In her defense, Kalsoume Sinare stated that her marriage was difficult because her spouse was a Christian before converting to Islam.

She would not, however, claim that her husband’s conversion to Islam was due to her, but rather to his own will and love for her.

“I’m already a Muslim,” she says. I know how difficult it is for a Muslim lady to accept a Christian boyfriend or husband when it comes to religion because I am married to a Christian who had to convert to Islam.

“But I won’t say it was because of me that my spouse became a Muslim; it’s something you have to voluntarily express you want.” “You can’t say you want to put yourself out for the love of a lady because it’s serving God,” she added.

Meanwhile, she has emphasized that when it comes to religion, the most important thing is not to be forced to convert because of love, but rather to make a personal decision free of outside influence.

“When it comes to religion, and you know God is the ultimate, you can’t just push it on yourself and say, ‘I’m in love with her because she’s a Christian, therefore I want to become a Christian,’ or ‘I’m in love with her because she’s a Muslim, so I want to become a Muslim.’

“That’s not something you’re doing from the heart.” It has to be coming from within. She went on to say, “It’s a critical thing.”

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