• Thu. Aug 4th, 2022

Nigerian rapper Dandizzy Label Black sherif as Nigerian- says Ghana is not fit to handle his talent

Dandizzy, a popular Nigerian freestyler, has praised Black Sherif, a Ghanaian rapper and vocalist, for his undeniable talent, which has resurfaced in his latest single, “Kwaku The Traveller.”

Sherif has received positive feedback from connoisseurs, colleagues, and fans in Ghana and Nigeria just days after releasing his aforementioned latest tune.

To that end, Dandizzy, widely regarded as Africa’s top freestyler, claims that Sherif’s immense talent makes him a Nigerian rather than a Ghanaian.

Nigerians are ready to harness his creativity if Ghanaians are unable to do so.

“The Nigerian sheriff is black!” “Ghana isn’t equipped to handle this type of skill, so I’m leaving for Nigeria,” he wrote on Instagram.

His remark was intended to honor Black Sherif’s talent rather than to imply that Nigerians are superior to Ghanaians, as some have misinterpreted his words.

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