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CEO of collapsed Ghana International Airlines received US$220,000 as annual salary – Bright Simons alleges


Apr 5, 2022 ,

Simons presents an image of state agency CEOs who are overpaid.

The pay of GIA’s CEO, who only had one plane, was over nine times that of Ethiopian Airlines’ CEO.

In May 2010, GIA went bankrupt.

Bright Simons, Vice President of Imani Africa, has created a picture of how Ghana’s state-owned agency chiefs are overpaid.

Simons stated in a tweet on April 3, 2022 that Ghana’s last state-owned carrier, Ghana International Airlines, paid its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) US$220,000 before it collapsed in 2010. Ghana International Airlines had only one plane before it collapsed in 2010.

In comparison, he claimed that Ethiopian Airlines, the country’s state-owned carrier, pays its CEO, who oversees 133 planes as of 2022, a salary of around $27,000 per year.

“Ghana International Airlines is the country’s final state-owned airline. Number of planes on the ground at the time of the crash: 1. At the time of the collapse, the CEO was paid $220,000 a year.

Ethiopian Airlines is Ethiopia’s state-owned airline. In 2022, there will be 133 planes on the ground on average. “The CEO’s annual salary is $27,000,” says the article. Simon’s tweet was as follows:

This means that the GIA CEO, who was in charge of only one plane, was paid nearly nine times as much as the Ethiopian Airlines CEO, who is in charge of approximately 130 planes.

Bright Simons previously stated at Media General’s Economic Dialogue series that Ghana’s debt service condition is not merely awful, but catastrophic.

Read tweet of Bright Simons below

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