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Kofi Jumah calls for a ban on foreign alcohol; says it destroy lives


Apr 5, 2022 ,

Maxwell Kofi Jumah, CEO of GIHOC Distilleries Company Limited, has urged the government to prohibit the entry of alcohol into the country.

In comparison, he claims, the alcohol imported into the country is of poor quality and poses a risk to people who refuse to buy local brands.

His remarks come as a result of Ghanaians preferring foreign alcohol to locally produced goods.

“I’ll say this: if we’re going to ruin ourselves, we don’t need outside help.” We don’t need outside support if we’re going to take on the sin industry, whether it’s cigarettes or booze. I believe the government should look at limiting the importation of foreign alcoholic beverages into the country.

Even though the things are expensive, they are of really poor quality. Flavors and colors aren’t derived from natural sources. “We should charge a higher price for alcohol, with the proceeds going to support the poor,” he told Joy News.

According to Maxwell Kofi Jumah, it is critical that those who have met their fundamental needs indulge in drinking, rather than those who cannot afford a three-square meal for themselves.

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