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Tidal wave in Agavedzi destroyed almost 80 structures. – Assemblyman


Apr 5, 2022 ,

Over 80 buildings were demolished by the tidal surges that devastated various communities in the Ketu South Municipality on Sunday, April 3, 2022, according to Eben Affah, the assemblyman for Agavedzi electoral region.

Apart from the destruction of property, he claims that the calamity has halted normal activities in the Agayedzi village, including business and education, according to sources

“The tidal wave reached Agavedzi village again yesterday, which was dreadful, and then so many houses were filled with sea water.” We had to assemble lads to cut the important highways connecting Aflao and Keta so that the seawater could find its way to the lagoon and relieve the seawater’s stress. We’ve been able to keep the scenario going.

“Before that, so many homes were damaged, some cemeteries were also harmed, and then the sacred woodland, and those living near the road were also dissatisfied with yesterday’s events.” “The tidal surge has so far caused damage to 88 houses,” the assemblyman is quoted as saying.

The Keta Municipality in the Volta Region will be pounded by tide waves for the second time in less than six months.

Tidal surges hit the municipality on November 7, 2021, producing a humanitarian disaster as hundreds of local residents were displaced and stranded in settlements along the coastal belt, including Kedzikope, Keta Central, and Abutiakope.

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