• Sun. Aug 7th, 2022

Trucks from neighbouring countries must pay road toll – MP

The Deputy Ranking Member of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Highways and Transport has proposed that road tolls be waived for Ghanaian cars but not for trucks from neighboring nations using our roads.

Mr. Isaac Adjei Mensah, Member of Parliament for Wassa East Constituency in the Western Region, stated that Ghana has four corridors, all of which have large trucks passing through the country on their way to other areas of the continent without paying anything to Ghana.

On 3FM’s Sunrise, the former Deputy Minister for Roads and Highways discussed the closing of toll booths in Ghana.

“We’re losing money on a daily basis.” It’s a waste of time. “We’re wasting money,” the MP added.

“One of the greatest sins the Ministry has perpetrated is the shutdown of the toll booths,” Mr. Adjei Mensah stated.

“They did it illegally, and we’re losing money as a result.” The government’s decision to close the toll booths was foolish and illegal. Do you have any idea how many trucks from neighboring countries use our roads without paying, but we pay when we enter their countries?”

“Just give it to Ghanaians for free,” he offered. Why should it be free for foreigners? We have four corridors throughout the country, and they bring in a lot of money. However, because our roads have a weight, they are now using them for free. This government and the Ministry of Transportation have lost it.”

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