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GPRTU postpones transport fare increment to next week


Apr 6, 2022 ,

According to the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU), the percentage increase in transportation fares will be determined at a meeting with the Ministry of Transport on Tuesday, April 12.

Following recent increases in fuel prices, the GPRTU and other unions gathered on Monday to discuss and announce an increase in transportation fares.

According to sources, a delegation from the ministry was able to persuade the unions to postpone their statement until final agreements with the government were reached.

GPTRU’s Industrial Relations Officer, Abass Imoro, tells the media that the unions are demanding a 15% increase in transportation fares.

“Because we’re delayed it, we plan to come out with no less than 15%, but we haven’t formally declared it yet.” “Until after Tuesday’s meeting, we have to swallow it,” he remarked.

In February 2021, when fuel prices averaged GH6.4 per litre, transportation rates increased by 15%.

After crossing the GH8 per litre milestone in the first week of March 2022, a litre of petrol currently costs GH10.

The union claims that the move is necessitated by the rise in the cost of petroleum products.

To help consumers, commercial and private drivers, as well as other stakeholders, have requested the government to eliminate various fuel taxes.

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