• Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

Blaise Compaoré sentenced to life for murder of Thomas Sankara

Blaise Compaoré, the country’s former president, has been sentenced to life in jail for the assassination of his predecessor, Thomas Sankara, by a Burkina Faso court.

Sankara was assassinated after four years in power in a coup led by his former friend Compaoré, according to face2faceafrica.com. He was not one of those African leaders who were told what to do by western nations.

After a six-month trial, the former president was sentenced in his absence by the court. Hyacinthe Kafando, Compaoré’s former security chief, was also convicted guilty of leading the hit squad.

Compaoré succeeded Thomas Sankara as president of Burkina Faso and ruled for 27 years before being deposed in a 2014 rebellion over his desire to extend his term.

He went to the Ivory Coast, where he has lived in exile ever since.

Sankara’s assassination was rejected by the ex-leader.

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