• Sat. Aug 6th, 2022

Ghana movie industry is not dead – John Dumelo insists

Actor and politician John Dumelo has dispelled accusations that Ghana’s film industry is dead, as some critics and movie buffs have claimed.

During an interview with Quasi-wusu on Y97.9FM, he stated that just because the movie industry isn’t as vibrant as it was in previous years doesn’t mean it’s dead.

The rise of digital movie markets, he claims, has been a big contribution to Ghana’s unstable film industry. The majority of Ghanaians, he claimed, were unable to see the films produced.

“I feel the problem is that we haven’t been able to make the shift from analogue to digital.”

“In the past, CDs were used, but now most films are available online, and most Ghanaians do not have access to these marketplaces, which poses a significant threat to the sector.”

“This is why we say the industry isn’t doing well,” he explained, “yet things are genuinely happening.”

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