• Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Ghana Pallbearers sell NFT meme for $1 million, 2 years after going viral

Aside from the Covid-19 pandemic, one of the most distinctive events of 2020 was a fairly gloomy trend.

A gang of young males took over social media timelines, attempting to turn funerals into fairly hearty transitions.

Ghana's Dancing Pallbearers sell meme NFT for $1 million, 2 years after going viral
Videos of Ghanaian pallbearers dancing at a funeral have taken the internet by storm in 2020
They are Ghanaian pallbearers who have captivated the hearts of the globe with their elegant movement while transporting bodies’ caskets to their final destinations during final funeral rites.

Videos of the squad showcasing their casket-carrying talents went viral, showing them organizing a choreographed dance, lifting and lowering the casket, and even sitting on the floor if necessary.

After bits of a BBC feature were added to reactions to posts on social media to depict impending devastation, it became a meme.

Though the Dancing Pallbearers achieved notoriety for their performance and made a respectable living from the press that accompanied their newfound renown, no one could have predicted their worth two years later.

NFTs have exploded in popularity over the last year as art and investors scramble to get a piece of the latest blockchain boom, with art collections worth millions of dollars being auctioned all over the world.

The video meme was created by the Dancing Pallbearers team and released on NFT on April 7.

The gang is now worth more than a million dollars. They’ve sold one of the first Non-Fungible Token (NFT) auctions with their 10-second meme.

On Saturday, April 9, the highest bidder, 3F Music, came out on top in the bidding round, with the Coffin Dance meme selling for $1,046,079.54 (327.00ETH).

Ghana's Dancing Pallbearers sell meme NFT for $1 million, 2 years after going viral

The sum places the meme among the most valuable NFTs in the world, having surpassed the million-dollar level.

The pallbearers have agreed to donate 25% of the auction earnings to Ukrainian organizations to help alleviate the suffering caused by the continuing war with Russia.

Benjamin Aidoo, the Pallbearers’ leader, took to social media after the sale to congratulate the Dubai-based music production firm on winning the bid.

The Coffin Dance meme will now be officially owned by 3F Music as a result of this remarkable acquisition.

3F Music has a reputation for buying NFTs that are based on memes. According to sources, the company recently purchased NFT versions of memes based on Disaster Girl, The Overly Attached Girlfriend, and the two Creepy Chans, totaling $993,000 in ETH.

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