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Kim Kardashian sends attorneys to stop Ray Jay from leaking second private tape


Apr 11, 2022

Lawyers of Kim Kardashian’s has reportedly been urged to prevent Ray Jay from releasing a sequel to their sex tape, which he has in his hands.

According to the Sun, Kim K has hired lawyers to prevent another sex tape from being released because she believes Ray J has something he’s been holding onto for years.

Ray J “plans to make millions by releasing another tape” 20 years after the first, and despite the fact that this new tape will not be able to match the original in terms of buzz, Kim does not want to take any chances.

Kim, 41, has already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a top-notch legal team to put him out of business. She is very adamant about protecting her family “at all costs.”

“Kim knows that Ray J recorded more tapes of them together,” a source informed the magazine. Some of the footage will be very personal. ‘Over my dead body, this is happening again,’ she warned lawyers.

Meanwhile, Kanye West, who just divorced Kim, is rumored to have received the recording as a present from Ray J.

Former boyfriends reportedly enjoyed filming their bedroom sessions, which has led to Kim’s current situation, since she clearly acted in naivety and love during a time when she was neither famous nor wealthy.

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