• Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

MPs are taking their work in parliament as a part-time job – Kofi Bentil

Dr. Kofi Bentil, Senior Vice President of IMANI Africa, has stated that the majority of Members of Parliament treat their roles as legislators as part-time professions.

Dr. Bentil remarked in a JoyNews interview that many MPs are working privately at the expense of their job in parliament, which is counter to the house’s roles.

“There are regulations for parliament, and one of them is that being a politician is a full-time profession, and everything you want to do on the side requires the consent of the Speaker.”

“… we need to focus on this issue because our lawmakers have elevated a footnote into a keynote over the 4th Republic, and more than half of our MPs are working outside of parliament for private benefit… “We encounter a lot of them in court, and they treat parliament’s work as a part-time job,” he explained.

“…that is incorrect; if you don’t want to do the duty of a lawmaker, go make laws, and debate in Parliament, then please don’t go to Parliament,” he continued.

He also remarked that MPs who miss more than 15 consecutive sittings without permission or reasonable cause should be forced to resign their seats.

Meanwhile, Speaker of Parliament Alban Bagbin has previously indicated that the Executive has bought a large number of MPs from ruling political parties through posts offered in various government departments, rendering them ineffectual in performing their duty of keeping the Executive accountable.

Bagbin went on to say that the Constitution requires the Speaker of Parliament to approve MPs to assume profit-making posts in government, but that this has not been done in recent years due to the president’s influence.

He stated that he is not subject to political pressure and that no legislator would be assigned to any position in the government or private sector without his certification.

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