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Thievery of GN Bank Items?


Apr 11, 2022 ,

The latest intelligence obtained by The Today Newspaper reveals that people with shady backgrounds are snatching taking things or equipment belonging to GN Bank/GN Savings & Loans and transporting them to unknown locations.

It’s difficult to tell if the individuals were acting on instructions from the GN Bank Receiver or taking advantage of the Receiver’s apparent casual attitude regarding the bank’s assets.

The article initially informed Ghanaians about the GN Bank Receiver’s decision to leave bank properties to decay in the bushes, as well as Eric Nana Nipa’s fast arrangement for some of the properties to be transported to unknown places. Your authoritative newspaper, on the other hand, blew over that covert maneuver.

Further research into the problem by this writer revealed that an isolated piece of land near Afenya in the Greater Accra Region had been designated as a dumping ground/site for Bank’s equipment and stuff.
Vehicles, some of which are brand new, computers, and air conditioners are among the things.

These materials were first piled in an isolated location in Kwashieman, an Accra suburb, before being secretly relocated to the Afienya region, but your authoritative newspaper’s ubiquitous prying lenses managed to bring it to public knowledge. Because of the method in which the equipment and things were moved out of Kwashieman to the new site, officials and owners of GN Bank are still unsure of the actual amount of objects abandoned at the Afienya site.

Theoretically, the Receiver’s clear lack of due diligence could lead to the theft of some GN Bank premises and office things, according to some. And the paper’s recent finding of a bunch of young people attempting to steal the bank’s equipment/items in Nyankpala, Northern Ghana, is proof of that point of view.

On Thursday, April 7, 2022, a gang of young males, ostensibly indigenes of the area, assaulted the Nyankpala police station and demanded the keys to the town’s GN Bank building, ostensibly to pick up equipment and supplies belonging to the institution.

It’s not out of the realm of possibility that these boys are Nipa’s operatives who wish to use the Receiver’s blind side for their own gain.

This is because they failed to present their permit when the authorities asked for it, and they also couldn’t explain who sent them on the assignment sufficiently.
The youngsters claimed they were carrying the things to Salaga, a town in the Savana Region, according to Nyankpala police. It was unclear if they were acting on orders from Receiver Nana Nipa or simply taking advantage of the Receiver’s blatant neglect of the GN Bank’s premises and equipment to steal some of these goods.

This piqued the police’s interest, and they were detained for further inquiry. The suspects’ body language clearly revealed they were up to something evil, according to an unidentified police officer who spoke to Today.
However, many sources at the Nyankpala police station told this newspaper that when the on-duty officer refused to hand the keys to them, they contacted the Station’s Commander, who allowed the on-duty officer to release the keys to them.

Surprisingly, as of Friday, April 8, 2022, additional inspections at the police station revealed that the young men had not returned the keys.

Because the Receiver had previously neglected to warn the proprietors of the banking facility of the gang’s actions and technique of work or operation, the paper was unable to deduce what the gang’s true intentions were.

Many Ghanaians who have commented on the Receiver/GN Bank situation fear that the Receiver’s lack of control could allow certain unscrupulous people to steal the company’s equipment and products.

This reporter inquired if the same approach had been used in the collecting of numerous GN Bank things in other parts of the country, and if every single item had been counted in the data currently held by the Receiver’s offices, and if the data matched that of GN Bank.

The revocation of GN Bank/Savings’ license is not a final occurrence, as readers should be aware. Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom and other stockholders have challenged it in court.

Since August 2019, the Bank of Ghana, the Attorney-General, and the Receiver have been named as defendants in a court case. Justice Gifty Agyei-Addo, the judge, has scheduled her final judgment for December 9, 2020. The Bank of Ghana has been exploiting technicalities, which some have described as “legal trickery and acrobatics,” to generate delays and push judgment day back.

Given the circumstances, a competent Receiver would be expected to maintain assets in his hands safe and in excellent condition. We expected Nana Nipah to protect GN Bank/Savings assets from loss, especially since we understand he has been granted large cash to oversee the bank’s assets.

Our inquiries have led us to wonder where the trucks and motorcycles have gone. Is it true that they’re being serviced? Who is in charge of these assets’ inventory? How much value has been squandered thus far?

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