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A/R: NPP Office closed down, Landlord seizes property


Apr 13, 2022 ,

The owner of the property  has locked up the Ashanti Regional office of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Krofrom.

The landlady and some family members invaded the party office a few months ago and locked it up since the party had not paid its rent.

During the incident, the landlady claimed that the NPP Ashanti branch, led by Mr Atwi Boasiako, also known as Chairman Wontumi, had refused to pay her Ghc36,000 in rent arrears for three years.

Wontumi, the Ashanti NPP Regional Chairman, was forced to tour several radio and television stations to refute the landlady’s accusation. He said that the party had paid all rent arrears and that the woman would be sued for defamation.

Following the earlier action, the alleged landlady, some family members, and Ashanti Regional Executives of the ruling New Patriotic Party met multiple times.

A close source confirmed that the office had been locked for several weeks.

Due to the closure, the party’s everyday activities at the office have been discontinued.

Some tenants claim that the facility’s landlady expelled the ruling NPP from the office roughly three weeks ago.

According to a reliable source, the party’s affairs are currently being managed at Wontumi’s radio and television stations in Asokwa.

Meanwhile, despite being evicted from its Krofrom office, the NPP’s yet-to-be-completed party office in Asafo Dadiesoba has been left to fester in the bush.

Chairman Wontumi, according to certain party members who communicated to this website about the closing of the office, is unconcerned about the closure because once the party’s activities are managed in his media firms, he will grasp the opportunity to manipulate the upcoming NPP regional elections.

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