• Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

‘Supreme Court’s restraint on Gyakye Quayson a long-standing position of the law’ – Dame

Godfred Dame, Attorney General and Minister of Justice, is pleased with the Supreme Court’s decision barring James Gyakye Quayson from serving as Member of Parliament for the Assin North Constituency.

“The judgement represents an endorsement of law establishing principles by the Supreme Court,” Mr. Dame remarked following the decision.

In response to a question about the fate of Assin North constituents, Mr. Dame stated that he does not believe their right to representation has been violated.

“In constitutional cases, the Supreme Court has always exercised its power to issue an injunction. In the case of Rosemary Quarm, the Supreme Court granted an injunction against the NPP in 1996. The NPP has been barred from electing a candidate. It is a Court of Law and Equity, hence it has the authority to decide whether or not to grant injunctions when constitutions are violated.”

“The constitution is being infringed every day Mr. Gyakeye Quayson holds himself as MP for Assin North,” he continued.

On Wednesday, April 13, 2022, the Supreme Court ruled that James Gyakye Quayson could not continue to represent the Assin North constituency in Parliament.

This judgement was reached in response to a petition filed by Michael Ankomah-Nimfa, a resident of Assin Bereku in the Central Region, before the Supreme Court.

Mr. Quayson’s election had been declared null and void by the petitioner at the Cape Coast High Court, but the embattled legislator appealed to the Court of Appeal to have the verdict overturned.

Mr. Ankomah-Ninfa is questioning Mr. Quayson’s legitimacy as the MP for Assin North, claiming that he held dual citizenship before running for the office.

Despite the fact that the Court of Appeal dismissed his appeal, Mr. Quayson took his matter to the Supreme Court to be decided.

Michael Ankomah-Nimfah also went to the Supreme Court to have Article 94(2)(a) of the 1992 Constitution interpreted.

In the same action, Michael requested that the Supreme Court issue an injunction prohibiting Mr. Quayson from continuing to serve as the Member of Parliament for Assin North until the case is resolved.

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