• Thu. Aug 4th, 2022

Photographer jailed for sexually assaulting actress

After being found guilty of sexually abusing an aspiring actress in his studio, a West End photographer was sentenced to prison.

During an hour-long photography session in Fulham, west London, in July 2010, Pascal Molliere, 55, of Havant, Hampshire, carried out the attack.

According to Southwark Crown Court, he locked a door before kissing and molesting his 22-year-old victim.

Judge Philip Bartle QC sentenced Molliere to three years in prison.

While sentencing Molliere, who had previously used the surname Gerrard, Judge Bartle said it was a “clear case of abuse of trust” that had had a “life-changing” impact on the complainant.

“It appears that Mr Molliere used his position as a professional photographer to take advantage of the vulnerability of a trusting young woman who was also a paying customer to satisfy his sexual needs,” he said.

The woman had moved to London to seek an acting career and had borrowed money from her mother to pay for portfolio photographs, according to the court.

The lady said the assault “crushed” her and caused her to “give up on her ambitions” in her victim impact statement.

“My skin crawls and I feel physically nauseous in my nightmares,” she explained.

“I felt ill and disgusted with myself after it all transpired.” I’ve felt terrible and ashamed for all these years, convinced that I must have done something to make him believe it was what I wanted.

“I recall the terror I felt when I was imprisoned in that chamber.”

Molliere claimed throughout the trial that the alleged assault did not occur and that the woman had left his studio “elated,” but a pre-sentence report revealed that he had later acknowledged to the assault, which he described as “abhorrent” but “spontaneous.”

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