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Chiefs warned against interfering in politics


Apr 26, 2022 ,

Obrempong Kwesi Amoh Kyeretwie I, Chief of Abirem and President of the Birim North Association of Chiefs, has urged his fellow chiefs against meddling in politics since it hampers efforts to achieve development.

Chiefs should avoid getting involved in politics if they want to achieve successful economic and social transformation in their communities, he said, because it would hinder development efforts and deprive the people of crucial socio-economic advancement.

Speaking at a gathering of the Birim North Association of Chiefs in New Abirem, the Chief stated that chiefs’ roles as traditional rulers and caretakers were expected to remain impartial in order for them to get their rightful pieces of the national cake.

When dealing with specific concerns that could result in sanctions, he urged chiefs to eschew the detrimental practice of turning their palaces into courts.

Chiefs, he explained, were enstooled by their royal families to promote peace, defend their people, and look out for their well-being. “It will not serve them well to indulge in any selfish desire that could threaten the well-being of the masses,” he continued.

As a result, Obrempong Kyeretwie I emphasized the importance of chiefs working with state security heads in their areas to organize watchdog organizations to combat crime.

He also took use of the opportunity to teach the smaller chiefs about the National House of Chiefs’ code of ethics, which is designed to govern all chiefs in Ghana.

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