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71.4% of Ghanaians believe ride-hailing services are affordable to the middle-class


Apr 27, 2022 ,

According to a survey conducted by Nirvana Media, 71.4 percent of Ghanaians feel ride-hailing services are affordable to everyone in the middle class.

This trend is verified by people over 45, who believe that a middle-class person can afford these services (100 percent ).

Again, 60.1 percent of respondents believe that the ride-hailing service satisfies their quality expectations.

Women are, once again, the most satisfied with the services provided (73.9 percent ). Only half of those aged 45 and up believe that services match their quality expectations. At the same time, most customers aged 45 and up believe that the offer has become more balanced and diverse since Yango’s entry on the market.

Furthermore, 22.2 percent of our respondents believe that even low-income people can afford ride-hailing services.

Situation in the market

According to the paper, the ide-hailing business in Africa, and particularly in Ghana, remains fiercely competitive, as indicated by a recent survey that found that many Ghanaian users have at least two riding service provider applications on their mobile devices.

Bolt, Uber, Yango, and Accra Cab are some of the most popular “Trotro” transportation options.

Many customers select their service provider based on the route or itinerary they are taking, as well as the time of day. At peak times, the “Trotro” outperforms the competition.

Many people believe that saving time in traffic bottlenecks is more convenient.

According to the survey, Bolt dominates the ride-hailing market, with 55.2 percent of respondents rating it as the most cheap service. Yango came in second with 17.7 percent, and Uber came in third with 16.9 percent.

“What’s fascinating is that people who have used Yango are certain that its rates are the most cheap right from the start” (up to 41.3 percent ). Regular Yango users are also convinced — 60.7 percent of them consider Yango to be the most cost-effective service. The findings with Uber and Bolt users aren’t particularly impressive. So, if you haven’t tried Yango yet, we think it’s about time you did,” it said.

Service democratization

Ride-hailing is heavily reliant on ICTs, and Ghana enjoys a competitive advantage in this area.

Indeed, with 55 percent, the country has the highest mobile penetration rate in West Africa.

The responses gathered from consumers also show that the rate of internet users via mobile terminals is changing at about the same rate as that of taxi users. It’s 75.8 percent and 64.1 percent, respectively.

Even better, for female users, these two rates are nearly comparable (73.9 percent and 75 percent ).

In terms of age groups, those 45 and up have the highest rate of mobile internet usage (100 percent ).

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