• Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Reactions to Man City’s 4-3 victory against Real Madrid in the Champions League

After a 4-3 defeat at Etihad Stadium on Tuesday night, Real Madrid is still alive in their semi-final match against Manchester City.

Manchester City went up 2-0 in the opening ten minutes, due to early goals from Kevin De Bruyne’2′ and Gabriel Jesus’11’, until the 33rd minute, when Benzema, the normal scorer for Los Blancos, managed an incredible shot on goal to cut the lead in half.

At Etihad, Alaba and Milito put in their worst performances of the season, while Manchester City were unable to stop the superb Frenchman, who scored two goals to keep Real Madrid in the Champions League tie.

In the second half, more poor defence allowed Foden’53’ to score off a Fernandinho cross. Vinicius got past Fernandinho, sprinting in a straight line towards Ederson and finishing with a nice finish a minute after City’s goal to level the game 3-2.

However, a fantastic left-footed strike from Bernardo Silva’74’ increased City’s tally once more. However, a handball in the box by Laporte resulted in a penalty kick, reducing Los Blancos’ deficit. After missing a penalty kick against Osasuna last weekend, Benzema showed up and made sure it was clean.

Carlo Ancelotti remarked of the first leg and the tie as a whole, “When you lose a match, it’s never good, but I think it’s quite different from the PSG first leg.” In this one, we fought and competed.”

“I think we started off slow and softly, allowing two goals, which was annoying since we lost a lot of individual duels.” We could have avoided it if we had been more focused.”

“However, after that, we demonstrated what we have done in recent times, which elicited a tremendous response.” We were in a competition. We did a good job with the ball. Of course, we must improve our defense in the second leg, which is critical. It’s a defeat, but it’s a defeat that keeps us alive. The second leg is unmistakable.”

We’ll win if we improve our defense. We’ll be kicked out if it doesn’t happen. We’ll put up a fight for another great night.”

“It was a terrific game for both sides,” Guardiola said after the game to BT Sport. “We did a lot of excellent things.” Unfortunately, we conceded goals and were unable to score additional goals. But we’ve already played two games and have another one coming up in a week.

“We put on a terrific performance against a fantastic team. We gave them the moments in the first half where they rose and came back into the game because our build-up was so jittery.”

“Normally, we are very secure and pleasant. They also have a very good and strong press. We are incredibly proud of Manchester City all across the world. But it’s just about getting to the final, and football can happen. “We’re going to Madrid to attempt to win the game.”

As the Premier League side heads to Spain to face Los Blancos in the second leg on Wednesday 4th May, the second leg will most likely be a considerably more tough encounter for both sides.

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