• Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

We are optimistic that Adwoa Safo and the other two will be cleared by Parliament – John Boadu

John Boadu, the New Patriotic Party’s General Secretary, expressed optimism that the three Members of Parliament whose names were presented to the Privileges Committee will be cleared.

The Speaker summoned the three lawmakers, Sarah Adwoa Safo, MP for Dome-Kwabenya, Henry Quartey, MP for Ayawaso Central, and Kennedy Agyapong, MP for Assin Central, before the Privileges Committee after they violated the 15-day absence limit in Parliament.

John Boadu, speaking on JoyNews’ PM Express, said that all three people involved had requested permission from the relevant authorities before leaving the premises.

Even though they had broken the 15-day absence restriction, he confessed that he believed they had good reason to do so.

“I don’t believe the party will have any other stance than to canvass the fact that they all asked permission before remaining outside,” he said. They were successful. And I’m sure they’re aware of it as well.

“Because I’ve heard statements to the effect that, in Adwo Safo’s situation, the son required surgery or something, requiring her to stay longer than she had committed to stay.”

“We’re operating a democracy,” he continued, “and we ought to set an example for our people.” If you want to be a parliamentarian, you must first learn the rules and then follow them.

“And, if you need to get permission before leaving, you should do so.” As a result, we don’t believe it will have a significant impact on us as a party.”

“I expect that [they’ll be cleared],” John Boadu said of the conclusion of the Committee’s proceedings.

He, on the other hand, praised the parliamentary process, saying it was a good method to put the law to the test.

“It’s wonderful that the process is being tested, and whatever the outcome is, we’ll welcome it and work with it as a party.”

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