• Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Baffour Soccer Academy banned from using Twumasi Sports Complex as home venue

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) Executive Council has immediately barred Baffour Soccer Academy from utilizing the Twumasi Sports Complex as its home venue.

This verdict was reached after supporters of the club assaulted and threw stones at players and officials on Sunday, May 8, 2022.

The GFA Competitions Department will determine the venues for Baffour Soccer Academy’s forthcoming home matches, taking into account the distance that visiting clubs will have to travel.

The following are the contents of letters sent to each Club member:

The Ghana Football Association (the Association or the GFA) holds seminars and briefings for clubs on safety and security at match locations, as well as the GFA Regulations on Safety and Security and the Disciplinary Code.

The Association is shocked and alarmed by the criminal assaults on the team officials and players of the Away Team-Tamale City FC, the destruction of their team bus, and the holding of the match officials hostage at the Twumasi Sports Complex at Nsoatre in the Bono Region by the home supporters in the Division One League – Zone 1 match played between the Away Team-Tamale City FC and the home supporters in the Division One League – Zone 1 match played between the Away Team

Given that the GFA has a process for reporting any alleged bad officiating (if any) for redress through the Match Review Panel, the Association’s Executive Council views any attack on the Match Officials and any game participant as “an attack against the entire sport, it being unwarranted and criminal.”

As a result, the Executive Council has utilized its powers under Article 14(2) of the Division One League Regulations and has permanently barred Baffour Soccer Academy from using the facility.

14(2) “Where the safety of teams, match officials, and/or spectators cannot be assured, the GFA may order the closure of any league centre/venue.”

The GFA expresses its displeasure with the supporters of the host team, Baffour Soccer Academy, and condemns without reservation the violations of the GFA’s Safety and Security Regulations that occurred during the match.

The GFA Prosecutors have been tasked with reviewing all of the evidence and match reports and recommending appropriate charges as soon as possible, as well as convening a meeting of the Disciplinary Committee as soon as possible.

The Ghana Football Association demands that Baffour Soccer Academy immediately assist the Regional Police in apprehending those responsible for the attack on the away team, the bus, and the kidnapping of match officials, as promised by the clubs to the Inspector General of Police during our meeting with the Ghana Police Service leadership.

The Association has directed the Competitions Department to set the locations for Baffour Soccer Academy FC’s forthcoming home matches until the case is resolved, taking into account the distances that the away teams will have to travel (note that matches can be fixed at the home of the away team, if required).

That all clubs follow the GFA Matchday COVID-19 Protocols, the Safety & Security Regulations, and the GFA Disciplinary Code to the letter.

The GFA desires to issue a firm warning to all members (particularly all clubs) that any harassment or attack on players, team officials, or match officials (Referees, Match Commissioners, GFA Cameramen & Women, Venue Media Officers, and the sports media) will be dealt with harshly and quickly.

Any statements from any player, team, or club official, as well as club social media handles, that incite fans against other teams or match officials, will be dealt with (charges shall be preferred as well).

Violence and/or instigation to violence will not be tolerated in our game, especially in this second round of the leagues.

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