• Sat. Sep 24th, 2022

Reject advocates of Constitution overthrow – NCCE

Kathleen Addy, the Acting Chair of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), has urged Ghanaians to “resist those who push for the destruction of the constitution.”

She said Ghanaians should be proud of the country’s three decades of constitutional governance under the Fourth Republican Constitution, which was ratified in 1992, and avoid “purveyors of disorder.”

Madam Addy was giving a public lecture to kick off Constitution Week celebrations around the country.

“The NCCE believes that 30 years of constitutional government is a milestone that should be commemorated in light of the country’s turbulent political history and the overthrow of three prior Republican constitutions,” she said.

Recognizing calls for constitutional revision from many segments of the population, Madam Addy called for “a broad national debate” on the issue, emphasizing that it was the responsibility of every Ghanaian to protect and uphold the constitution.

“As citizens, we are all obligated to protect and defend the constitution, and to oppose any individual or group of individuals who seek to overthrow or suspend it.”

“At the same time, the Constitution must develop in order to remain relevant and meet the aspirations of the people,” Madam Addy remarked.

She claims that the constitution’s authors anticipated a time like this and included clear procedures for modifications.

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