• Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Amenfi East Municipal secure court order to carry out mass burial

The Amenfi East Municipal assembly in collaboration with the Wasa Akropong government hospital and the Ghana Police Service (Wasa Akropong), has obtained a court order to begin mass burial for 42 unidentified and unclaimed dead bodies as part of customary procedures to decongest the hospital mortuary.

Paupers, unknown former patients, abandoned dead bodies, unidentified accidents and crime victims make up the majority of the unidentified and unclaimed bodies.

According to a statement signed by the municipal environmental health officer, Mr Alex Damptey, the municipal police commander, Mr Simon Sedoglo, and the Head of Administration at Wasa Akropong government hospital, Mr Nicholas Kwateng, the family members, relatives, and the general public are therefore notified about the mass burial.

The authorities also urge members of the public to contact the hospital’s management to have their relatives’ bodies identified before the mass burial.

“The general public is hereby notified to contact the Wasa Akropong hospital to identify (if any) the said bodies belong(s) to them before the said mass burial is carried out”. 
The mass burial is scheduled to take place on the 28th May, 2022

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