• Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Flood at Lands Commission at this time suspicious – Social media users

The validity of the alleged flooding of the Lands Commission headquarters has been questioned by certain social media users.

According to Ghana News Agency sources, the edifice’s basement was flooded on Saturday night, destroying hundreds of documents, laptops, and scanners.

Indentures, land maps, and land documents are among the papers that are affected.

Although the weekend’s rain created havoc in numerous regions of the Greater Accra Region, some internet users are skeptical that the Lands Commission’s offices could be inundated as well.

The reason for their mistrust is that some government officials have been accused of attempting to illegally acquire property at the Achimota Forest Reserve by these social media users in recent weeks.

Even before the dust had cleared, another startling finding had been made in the will of the late Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie, the former Chief Executive of the Forestry Commission.

According to the 12-page document, the politician known as Sir John held various plots of land in the Forest Reserve that he has passed down to his heirs for all time.

As the news spreads and the story of the Lands Commission being flooded surfaced, netizens are finding it difficult to understand that this is just another calamity.

Users feel that the flooding is part of a larger plot to hide the illicit activities of some politicians.






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