• Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Lands Commission flood: Your land documents are intact – Deputy Lands Minister assures

Benito Owusu-Bio, the Deputy Minister of Lands and Natural Resources in charge of Lands and Forestry, has assured Ghanaians that all land papers held by the Lands Commission in Accra are secure and sound.

He said this in response to a social media rumor that rains had damaged all land records at the Greater Accra Regional Lands Commission head office, including those of the Achimota forest.

“Yes, it is true that rain got into the building from the construction site next door,” Mr Benito said to the media during an inspection of the flooded offices at the Lands Commission on Monday, May 23. “However, upon arrival to verify the reports, nothing has been destroyed as most documents were safely placed on shelves above floor level.”

He went on to say that even documents that had been soaked by precipitation would be replaced.

“The Executive Secretary has told us that all of the documents that were contaminated by the water will be reproduced and replaced.” There is no need to be concerned because the electronic data is equally intact.”

To avoid a repeat of this incident, the Deputy Minister stated that no documents will be kept on the floor in the offices going ahead.

He emphasized that the rain was an act of God that could not be predicted, and that it should not be tied to the Achimota Forest land drama or any other property dispute since it would be unjust.

Mr Owusu-Bio expressed his gratitude and encouragement to the Lands Commission personnel for their hard work despite the current events, saying, “We see your efforts and we appreciate it, Keep up the good work.”

The basement, records, records annex, and the digital capturing room were among the main offices affected by the rain, according to GNA Executive Secretary of the Lands Commission, Mr. James Dadson. However, he was quick to add that most of the documents affected by the rain have been retrieved and dried up by the sun, adding that those that could not dry will be reprinted and replaced.

Mr. Dadson also informed the media and Ghanaians that the rains had no effect on their job and that they would be ready to work whenever they were needed.

“This has had no effect on our job.” In fact, we have restored power to all of the affected offices, and we are available and willing to assist you whenever you need us,” he ended.

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