• Sat. Sep 24th, 2022

We are facing high financial hardship due to Unpaid allowances – NSS personnel

When the prices of goods and services skyrocket, it’s tough to make ends meet on a low salary.

When allowance payments are delayed, the situation becomes even worse.

Unfortunately, for some National Service Personnel (NSP) whose salaries are three months late, this is the reality. The staff claim that the delay is harming their level of living as they battle to stay alive.

Evans is an NSS beneficiary who receives a monthly allowance of GH559. He admitted that he hadn’t been paid in three months. He believes the situation is concerning because he is unable to meet all of his needs.

“We need to pay our water and electricity bills.” Additionally, I will consider what I will consume while also considering the rise in transportation costs. I spend about 60 cedis per day traveling from my home to my workplace. We’re not getting paid on schedule. They are not increasing the money at the end of the day. We are suffering greatly as a result of the current economic crisis. “They owe us three months in arrears and have only paid one month,” he told the media

He had to take a side job because the situation is too much for him.

“Because the money we get is so meager, I decided to take on a part-time work.” “I wanted to go into teaching so that I could supplement my 559,” he explained.

Priscilla, another NSS member, is encountering a similar problem. Priscilla has joined a WhatsApp NSS platform to go on strike until their arrears are cleared, despite the fact that her allowance has been delayed. Unlike Evans, she is supported by her family.

“I’ve gone on strike.” We worked together to plan it. I’m here at home watching TV, waiting for the government to pay us, and then we’ll see what happens. My mum would tell me I’m lying and that I’ve been paid if I called her. I tell her I haven’t been paid, but she isn’t convinced. But she does assist on occasion.”

Pricilla wants her income paid on schedule, despite the fact that she claims it is insufficient to cover her costs.

“At the very least, if they paid on time, it would help in some manner.” They would, however, wait. I haven’t received my salary in four months, which is causing me problems. It’s not much, but it’s still something.”

It is unknown when she will return to work. Evans and Pricilla, on the other hand, have the same demand: they want their salaries paid on time and increased to keep up with rising living costs. In the coming weeks, some National Service personnel are anticipated to demonstrate over their delayed payment of the allowance.

Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, a North Tongu Member of Parliament, petitioned the government on May 16 to provide funds for the payment of National Service allowance arrears for the months of March and April.

Given the current difficult economic conditions, he said the delay in distribution of the allowance is “very unfair and inconsiderate.”

Mr. Ablakwa said that, while the GH559 allowance is insufficient, an early payout would help to alleviate the country’s economic woes and soaring prices of goods and services.

“I would have expected that, in light of the current difficult economic conditions, the government would be raising current meager allowances rather than delaying payment once more.”

“How can the government expect these vulnerable employees, the majority of whom have been posted far away from home, to withstand the current cost of living crisis?” he wondered.

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