• Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

Ofori-Atta is not running away from accountability – 2nd Deputy Majority Chief Whip

Habib Idrissu, the Second Deputy Majority Chief Whip, has denied charges that the Finance Minister’s repeated reluctance to come before the House demonstrates his inability to account for the government’s Covid-19 spending.

Mr. Ken Ofori-Atta was scheduled to testify before the House on Thursday and answer 16 questions, including accounting for Covid-19 funding.

However, due to the Minister’s absence, the abovementioned questions were not tabled as part of the day’s business.

Habib Iddrisu, speaking on Top Story on Thursday, stated that Ken Ofori-Atta is not avoiding public accountability as the Minority claims.

He said that the Minister needed to get information from other departments.

“The Minister was unable to appear today [Thursday] due to the fact that he required to contact other sector Ministers and check facts in relation to all 16 queries…

“The Minister is not avoiding reaction, public accountability, or the management of public debt.”

“The questions had only been filed this week,” the Tolon MP stated when asked why Ken Ofori-Atta had not prepared to answer the inquiries. I was present at Business Committee meetings as a member of the Business Committee.”

Meanwhile, Speaker of Parliament Alban Bagbin has decided that the House will not accept any requests from the Finance Ministry until Ken Ofori-Atta goes before the House to account for Covid-19 spending and to address MPs’ queries.

Mr. Alban Bagbin, speaking on the House floor on Thursday, stated that the Minister must appear before the House or face the Finance Ministry rejecting requests.

“I’ll go even farther and say that we won’t move that motion until we have an explanation, unless he goes through the accountability process…

He has another request for us today, which will also be impacted.

“We will not welcome any business from that Ministry until he responds to the query and submits the statement explaining how that money has been spent.” Bagbin said, “Mark my words.”

The Minority MPs are furious over the development, accusing Mr. Ofori-Atta of showing contempt for the House on a regular basis.

Mr Ofori-inability Atta’s to appear before the House on Thursday to answer for the government’s Covid-19 expenditure is clear evidence that he is unfit for the job he holds, according to Kwabena Mintah Akandoh, a ranking member of Parliament’s Health Committee.

“It’s in his nature, so I’m not surprised. There are many lingering issues for the Minister of Finance, and he occasionally fails to come up at the last minute.

“In any other jurisdiction, the President would have sacked this man long ago.” He is not being fired by the President because he is protecting the President’s parochial interests.

“Tell me one single reason why this Minister should not already be in office.” Are you happy with your purchase? Are you content with the difficulties we are facing today? “Today’s inflation and economic situation in Ghana can only be compared to the 1980s,” he claimed.

Mr Akandoh stated that the Finance Minister’s stance demonstrates that the government is unconcerned about probity and transparency.

“If he [Ken Ofori-Atta] really cares and this man has any conscience,” he said, “he would not have the guts to go on national television and defend the building of the National Cathedral, while countless NABCo people have not been paid, and the National Health Insurance Authority’s Fund has not been paid.”

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